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Online Website Builder

Build your online store with Zuhah’s simple ecommerce website builder designed for people new to starting online business websites. Sell products online, learn how to open an online store, and provide services with the highly social and search engine friendly Zuhah online website builder. Zuhah is the only online store website platform with the power and flexibility to build any store you want without purchasing expensive extensions and themes. We are a low budget, low risk platform designed for ecommerce and web service starters.

International Currency

Choose the type of currency you want to accept for your store. Zuhah supports most international currencies.

Promotions & Coupons

Provide coupons for visitors to use when checking out.  Combine with Zuhah’s social sharing tools to create a social promotion.

Product Variations

Customize variations of a product, such as custom shirt sizes for any product in your store.

Global Shipping

Advanced global shipping and flat rate settings are included. Choose to ship only locally, specific countries, or go worldwide.


Easy Design Panels

Simplified design requiring only drag-and-drop, selecting, and uploading graphics to make your store look professional.


Improve your earnings by mixing complementary products and package deals to add value for your customers.

PayPal, Credit Card, and Other Payment Gateways

Accept payments via bank transfer, check, cash on delivery, or PayPal.  PayPal can also accept all major credit cards for you.  If you choose to accept payments via PayPal, you’ll also need a Paypal account.  Now accept even greater number of payment options including Authorize.NET, CC Avenue, Swipe, and Alipay, CHina’s largest payment processor. In addition, accept bitcoin at your store as another option. More payment gateway options are also on the way!
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Create Menus, Pages and Layouts all without code!

Focus on your business, not code. Drag and drop menu creation, widget layouts, font choices and more.  Customize the look and feel, and tweak, if you need, with millions of possible variations of each theme to let you individualize your store from others. With professionally designed themes, and ways to customize to make them look like any store you want, the possibilities are endless. Sell products online the way you want to now!

Mobile Adaptive Store

Use themes that can self-adapt to any mobile screen size and still have your products and services look great.

Social Sharing

Share your product via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and more.

Subscribe & Connect

Let visitors connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and RSS.

Mobile Checkout

Use a iPhone, iPad or Andriod devices to browse and purchase directly from your store.

SEO Friendly

Built from the ground up with every SEO in mind from links and META to redirects and W3C validation.

Search Discovery

Let users find your latest products instantly.  Zuhah automatically submits your posts and products to major search engines.

MailChimp Subscribe

Keep your customers up to date and let them know of your latest offers and deals by giving them the option to subscribe to your newsletter using MailChimp or RSS.  Create exclusive offers and maintain a connection with your customers.

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Cloud Protection

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in cloud security to analyze suspicious web requests, and build a system of collaborative security that stops threats early on before they reach your store.  Zuhah uses its own proprietary Asset Mirror technology to further separate you from malware activities.

Google Analytics

Built-in integration with the most powerful web analytics tool available.

SSL Encryption

Use the same level of SSL encryption as banks for securing your data.

PCI DSS Security

All cardholder data pass through PCI DSS complaint gateways.

Worldwide CDN

Deliver content to your customers reliably no matter where they are with a worldwide content delivery network.

Cloud Servers

High-end servers tuned for your store using methods once reserved only for mission critical systems.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No more worrying about how much bandwidth your store is using.  We want you to succeed so the more traffic the better!
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