How To Start Online Store FAQ

Q: What is Zuhah?

A: Zuhah is a cloud-based online store and blog platform designed for social marketing, mobile and community to meet the demands of today’s world.

Q: Who is Zuhah for?

A: Zuhah is designed for people who love the idea of using blogging to promote their ideas and products.  Promote and sell just about anything such as  photography, arts, crafts, merchandise, downloadable, specialty products, specialty services, home-made, graphics designs, apps, rare items, and more!

Q: What does Zuhah provide?

A: Zuhah is an all-in-one platform that provides your hosting, blogging, web site, web domain, shopping cart, store design, setup, social marketing tools, and community support for your online business.  Take the Tour to get to know Zuhah better.

Q: What can I sell on Zuhah?

A: You can sell physical goods, downloadable goods, or provide a service.  As long as what you provide is legal and doesn’t break the terms of service you can sell it on Zuhah.

Q: What else do I need besides Zuhah to start my business?

A: Your imagination! Read Zuhah’s blog for inspiring ideas.  Zuhah also recommends getting a Paypal account if you want to accept payments from credit cards and other Paypal accounts.

Q: What kinds of costs are there?

A: Zuhah is one of the most economical and powerful solutions available. There are no per-sale fees, setup fees, contractor costs, bandwidth fees, or hidden costs.

Q: Is there a limit to my Zuhah store subscription?

A: No, there is no time limit on your Zuhah store.  You get to keep it for as long as you are subscribed.

Q: Why is Zuhah offering such a great service for such a low price?

A: We offer everyone the chance to start their own online store without much risk. We ask that you in return help contribute to our community and help others succeed in their dreams too.

Q: Does Zuhah run advertisements on my store?

A: No, we do not run advertisements or promotions of any sort on your store.

Q: Can I run advertisements on my store?

A: Yes, you can run ads on your store as long as it doesn’t break the terms of service.

Q: Does Zuhah take a portion of my ad commissions?

A: No, you keep 100% of all commissions.

Q: Does Zuhah sell my information?

A: No, Zuhah will never sell or provide to anyone your data, your customer’s data, or any data in your store.

Q: How long does it take to set up a store?

A: Create a new store in seconds.  Simply create an account or use Facebook login.  Verify your email address for email accounts and log back to Zuhah.

Q: How many products can I add to my Zuhah store?

A: You can have an unlimited number of products, but you’ll need need to have a Premium Store to add above 20 items.

Q: Can I use my own domain name?

A: At the moment, your store already includes a domain name under that you picked when you signed up for Zuhah.  If you have a domain name that’s bought elsewhere, you can redirect it to your Zuhah URL.  We now support custom domain names! Yea!

Q: Do I still need a graphics designer or software programmer to get my store up and running?

A: Zuhah is designed so that you can easily manage the appearance of your site, and all options without additional code or experience. However, in our experience, photography makes a huge difference toward the look and feel of your store. Find a good photographer to take photos for you if you don’t have good quality photos.

Q: When someone makes a purchase from my Zuhah store, how do I get paid?

A: Zuhah currently supports several payment gateways.  You can currently choose to accept COD, checks, direct bank transfer, or Paypal.  If you select to accept payments with Paypal, your transactions will be through your Paypal account.  If you choose to accept COD, directly bank transfer or checks, all transactions will be handled directly between you and the buyer.  Premium Stores now have even more gateway options!  See the full list at here.

Q: Can I change the theme after creating my store?

A: Yes, you can change to a different theme easily without any additional setup.

Q: Can I create more than one Zuhah store?

A: Each store must be associated with a unique account and email address.

Q: Where do I get help and support?

A: Visit our support center for all questions and answers.  VIP Support is also available via Email for subscribers.

Q: Can I help make Zuhah better?

A: Yes! We encourage everyone to contribute to our community, add new ideas, and find help and support.

Q: Can I use Zuhah to build stores for my clients?

A: Yes, if you are a professional e-commerce developer or build stores for people, you may use Zuhah as your e-commerce platform.  The same general conditions apply.  Contact us if you have special requirements for the stores you are building.

Q: Where do I sign up?